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RefectoCil kulmakarvojen vaalennusaine, 15ml
RefectoCil kulmakarvojen vaalennusaine, 15ml
Refectocil Blonde Brow
Refectocil Blonde Brow

Blonde Brow on kulmkarvojen vaalennusaine.

Käytä vain RefectoCil Oxidant 3% cream:n kanssa. Anna vaikuttaa 5-20min halutusta lopputuloksesta riippuen.
Voidaan käyttää myös vaalentamiseen ennen varsinaista värjäystä.

Blonde Brow Effect
RefectoCil Blonde Brow, the bleaching paste for eyebrows, allows the professional to lighten up the eyebrows up to three shades. Please note that RefectoCil Blonde Brow can only be used with RefectoCil Oxidant 3% cream.

Blonde Brow has 3 main application areas:

1. To lighten up ntreated eyebrows
With RefectoCil Blonde Brow eyebrows can be matched to the shade of dyed or bleached hair. Please note, that the eyebrows can be slightly darker than hair to accentuate the eyes.

2. To prepare eyebrows before tinting
Often the natural eyebrow colour is too dark for the desired colour. With Blonde Brow eyebrows can be lightened up before the final tinting-treatment with any RefectoCil colour. This way, also lighter shades are made possible. Please note that the application time for the following tinting process is reduced to a third.

3. To make grey, white and bristly eyebrows take on colour again
These kinds of eyebrows are often not able to take on colour-pigments any more. By bleaching untreated hair with RefectoCil Blonde Brow tinting is made possible again.

Paraffinum Liquidum, Ammonium Persulfate, Potassium Persulfate, Sodium Silicate.

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